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Jason Klein, Masters of Exercise Science, Head Coach, Calisthenics Bodies

Hey, Jason (my friends call me Coach J),

And I Want to share an eye-opening, physique breakthrough with you, today..

As Seen In

This Breakthrough Holds the Potential to Truly Transform Your Physique (and Life) by Using an Advanced Concept Called “C10” Calisthenics..

Are you interested?


Awesome, but, before I let you in on this..

First, know that what I’m about to share with you in a minute has already been used by a specific group of people..

Who are these people?

They Are People who:​​​​

  • Are comfortable in their own skin
  • Move well and seem athletic
  • Attract positivity
  • Are attractive
  • Look (and feel) happy
  • Have a prominent physique
  • Look confident in public (not cocky)
  • Appear 5-10 years younger than their actual age
  • Live with a purpose

You want to know a little secret?

You may think that the people I just described are Pro Athletes, Models, or Hollywood stars..

I’m not referring to them..

I’m actually referring to folks like you and me.. Who live normal, everyday lives..

Afterall, it was only a few years ago that I had excess belly fat, yet, had pruney, weak arms, shoulders, and legs..

That was before I stumbled into the C-10 method I’m about to share with you below..

Back to that in a minute..

First, I Must Be 100% Transparent with You..

See, folks tend to think that personal trainers like me are just “genetically gifted.” 

But that’s simply not the truth..


That couldn’t be further from the truth..

Truth is, I didn’t always have an athletic physique, or the self-confidence connected to have a healthy, confident looking body..

I used to be so unhappy with myself that I would keep my head down in public..


Then, it got worse..

My life took a nosedive in 2005 when I severely injured my knee while playing sports..

Suddenly, at the snap of a finger, I went from active to inactive..

Never did I realize that exercising like that would risk my very well-being..

Please, do not subject yourself to the same mistakes that caused me to actually decline instead of get results.. I’m going to share the 3 setbacks in a second..

It was a downward spiral - the fat started to pile on, while I felt that my body and self-image were falling into a state of atrophy..

Everything changed when I bumped into an old friend one afternoon..

What my friend shared with me changed the trajectory of my life..


He invited me into a private group of training clients..

He shared with us that he’d been taking advantage of the new research studies completed at top gymnastics and fat loss training centers around the country..

Now, he wanted to share it with us..

He told us exactly how to get and maintain a strong and lean physique in a fraction of the time than most other 30+ year olds do..

But first, STOP Allowing The 3-Setbacks, Keeping You from Obtaining an Athletic, Functional Physique..


Physique Setback:
Crazy Workouts

Crazy, intense workouts may seem that they produce untouchable results. Sadly, most folks who engage in hardcore training end up with severe and/or chronic injuries.


Remember my story from above?

I tore my knee while engaging in very intense training.


Please learn from this setback and do not make the same mistake.


Physique Setback: Confusing Workouts

Confusing workouts make you plateau and eventually, quit. I don’t want you to quit, just because the plan you followed is too confusing or complex.


Part of this is because of all of the different programs out there that are just out to get you to buy their product to make a buck.


Instead, select a fat burning program that gives genuine information based on results.


Physique Setback: Complicated Workouts

Complicated, incomprehensible workouts are far worse than just doing a few pushups everyday..

How many complicated workouts or gadgets have you seen just this year alone?

Remember, you can judge any workout program’s effectiveness by how simplified or complicated it is..

Now That You Know these Common Setbacks..

Implement These 3 Simple Physique Fixes Today to Burn Fat 10x Faster..

Physique Fix #1: 10-minutes VS. 60-Minutes

Research has proven time and time again that you can, in-fact, achieve better results in 10-minutes than you can in 60 + minute workouts.. 

Forget the unfocused, long workouts and save time by using 10-minute specifically formatted workouts.

Physique Fix #2: Compound VS. Isolation

Isolation exercises are causing you to leave most of your fat loss results on the table.. Isolation exercises, such as bicep curls, chest presses, and said exercise machines don’t increase your metabolic potential much. 

Compound exercises, on the other hand, stimulate elevated metabolic output and fat burning hormones. Conveniently enough, bodyweight calisthenics are the best method for that.


I’ll give you some examples below..

Physique Fix #3: Calisthenics VS. Cardio

Instead of falling for the deadly Cardio trap, use Calisthenics to enjoy movement while burning fat and strengthening your body in far, far less time. 

People are making this key fat loss correction by the thousands everyday - and you can be the next success story..

It comes down to focusing on a very specific progression of gymnastics based bodyweight movements (very enjoyable and challenging, btw)..

This also takes only 10-minutes per workout session..


  • Comfortable In Your Own Skin
  • Moving Well and Looking More Athletic
  • Attracting Positivity
  • Feeling More Attractive and Confident
  • Just Happier About Life
  • Having a Prominent Physique
  • Looking Confident in Public (not cocky)
  • Appearing 5-10 years Younger Than Their Actual Age
  • Living with a Purpose

Good news is, today you can get on step closer to having a truly empowering physique..


The 7-Day Calisthenics Quick-Shred

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DAY 3:

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DAY 4:

Upper Body Dominant Session: 10-12 Minutes

DAY 5:

LOWER Body Dominant Session: 10-12 Minutes

DAY 6:

METCON Session: 10-12 Minutes

The Proven Benefits of The 7-Day Calisthenics Quick-Shred

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Increase your endurance

If you are on the fence about The 7-Day Calisthenics Quick-Shred, I want to remind you that you have one of two choices to make…

Body A or Body B..

If you choose Body A you’ll stay the way you are. If that is okay with you, then by all means you should leave this opportunity for the next person.  

OR you could choose Body B...

And join hundreds of others that came before you on a proven path to fat burning and body transformation success.

Coming from someone that has gone from low self-confidence to feeling strong and confident...

I give you permission to invest in yourself today. Because I know that when you do this, you will be a better person for the people who matter most to you.

Just think for a second, “am I really the best I can be for those that I love?”

If you are, great! But if you feel that you can do better, take action now and we will progress together.

OR you could choose Body B...

 Jason Klein,

Master’s of Science, Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach  

Creator of The 7-Day Calisthenics Quick-Shred  


PS. Remember, The 7-Day Calisthenics Quick-Shred is Free for a Limited Time and I don’t know how much longer this page will be up.. So make sure to grab your free copy now before it goes away.

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